Still Waters

Feature Film

Ben and Sally head to rural Queensland for some much needed time away. Unfortunately for Ben he has been marked. Something evil is calling him and won't rest until it's free. Sally has no idea the danger she is now in.

Tana plays Ben in this old school horror flick that keeps you guessing to the very end.

Tin God

Ethan is a dangerously confused young man, searching desperately for some meaning in his life. When he meets Sasha he meets someone with a dark side to rival his own, and her games lead them both down a path of no return.

Tana is Ethan in this reality styled film noir.

Trente Cinq


Originally shot for the 2010 '48 Hour Film Comp' this short fast paced thriller received 4 nominations at that event and will be screening in other short film festivals in 2011.

Who Pays The Hitman


Father James and Doctor Sharon have their beliefs tested when they are thrown together in an emergency room with a Hitman and a murderer. Can they do what needs to be done to stop this man killing again?

Tana plays Father James in this beautifully shot piece by DOP Robert Agganis (Predator, The Matrix).



Four criminals, one hostage, one hell of a night. Miller sits as a handcuffed puppet master pitting the criminals against one another in his effort to be freed....but there is more to this game than they know.

Tana plays Miller in Jake Reedy's anime inspired feature.

Vision Realty


Tana plays Christopher in this futurist piece by Jarrod Wirth.

Butterflies In Glass


Voyeur - A person who derives sexual gratification from observing the naked bodies or sexual acts of others, especially from a secret vantage point.

Tana takes the lead role of a young agoraphobic man trapped in his own world for this 10 min short film.

Sands Of Time


Tana features alongside Christopher Baker (Nims Island, The Condemned) is short pirate film.


Human Nature


Featuring a cover of Michael Jacksons hit 'Human Nature as well the ballad 'Friends' penned by Tana when Heath Ledger passed. Human Nature is a collection of five beautiful tracks.



Tana's collaboration with producer Sam Tu'uga (Jamoan Jam, Pacific Soul) features fifteen tracks, a mixture of both English and Samoan language songs with rich harmonies and guest appearances by other well known polynesian artists such as Lapi Mariner, Julie Ta'ale aka Mz J.



Tana collaborated with Pene Matautia for this album while performing with Pene and his band in West Aucklands 'Club Leon' Tana created songs that mixed both English and Samoan lyrics in a way that had never been done before.

Samoa Manaia


Samoa Manaia was the original single by Tana which preceded the release of 'Mealelei' a single release like this had not before been done in Samoa. It also featured a remix of songs performed by Tana in Club Leon as a B side.

Mt Vaea Tour Album


The legendary Mt Vaea band recorded this album featuring Tana after their tour of Savaii. Choosing the songs that had proven most popular on tour.