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Japan quake

2011 is getting off to a bad start for most of the Pacific region. Have been worried about friends and family in the islands and hoping they are alright. So sad to see the devastation in Japan right now.

Recently worked with a guy whose family had lived in the area of Samoa affected by the tsunami there a while back, same area my Aunty and I used to visit every week doing her deliveries, so I really feel for all those affected. The damage in a heavily populated area like Japan is gonna be horrendous.

Good to see all the people who have helped out with all these disasters and hope the Japanese know our thoughts are with them all.
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As Loyalty and Tin God near completion we are now in pre production on director Jake Reedy's third film Consequence.....and of course for me this means one thing. I will pretty much be spending the next month in the gym.

Part of working with Jake means he creates the look of his characters early on. For Tin God the role meant a serious haircut, my physique at the time was pretty close, though a few weeks away from the gym actually helped with a more natural look. 

 Loyalty however was a  complete transformation, as I leaned down to 79kg for the role of Miller with the bleach blonde hair.

This next outing 'Consequence' means I have been bulking up to over 90kg with just over a month to go the next few weeks will be spent refining the lots of steak and egg whites and plenty of lifting heavy things.
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Christchurch Quakes

Like most kids in New Zealand I used to watch saturday morning TV live from Christchurch every week. Images of Cathedral square and the river Avon were constants, so it is hard to fathom now how much has been destroyed by this last quake.
My thoughts go out to everyone affected and I am hoping that my friends there are safe.

Christchurch, New Zealands Garden City as it is known is the city depicted in Peter Jacksons 'Heavenly Creatures' that featured Kate Winslett and Melanie Lynskey, it is also the city where 'Amazing Race' host Phil Keoghan was born.

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Wow, what a way to start the's the short version :)

Brisbane Flood 2011

As post production work on Still Waters and Tin God started to slow a few friends and myself got started shooting the trailer for another upcoming film.

What we didn't realise as we started to shoot was that Brisbane was about to have it's worst flood since 1974.

With everyone else wrapped and gone home on Monday night, cameraman Pete Fragoudakis and myself continued on Tuesday night to get the final few shots. Cut off from going home by the rising water I had to resign myself to the fact that my home was going under....not really how I had intended on spending my birthday.

A few weeks later I was finally able to return home but with a steady stream of builders through it hasn't meant that I actually feel at home yet.

A few nights ago northern Queensland was struck by a category 5 cyclone which has caused enormous damage to several towns, Sydney in a heat wave, Victoria being flooded and bush fires tearing through Perth it is certainly not the best start to the year for most of Australia.

My thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by all of these disasters and especially to those who have lost loved ones. And hope that everyones fortunes begin to take a turn for the better.
Brisbane Flood 2011
Brisbane Flood 2011
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As Brisbane resident I was just one of thousands affected by the floods this week in our city and throughout the entire state of Queensland.

Was working on a project on the north side of the city which ran late running into my birthday once we went past midnight, then the flood warnings came.

With the water levels rising in my home suburb of West End
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welcome to my new website

2010 has been a huge year, and to share what's happening, celebrate 2010 and move into 2011, I've launched a shiny new site!

Please make yourself at home and have a look around.

I'll be posting more exciting news, content and updates as we move into 2011, so make sure you keep in the loop by adding me to your bookmarks and adding an RSS Feed for your favourite reader.

In the mean time, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
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