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Still Waters released.

Also released in the last few days was my last film Still Waters. Making this project wasn't easy by any means but working with friends made the experience worthwhile.

We had a host of great local talent on board this project who I look forward to working with again in the new year ... till then you can grab a copy of the film at your local JB hifi or at any online retailer.
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Tin God released Australia wide.

It has been a long time coming but Tin God is now available on DVD in Australia.

Tin God was my first film with director Jake Reedy, the second being Loyalty which looks set to be released next year.

I like to think of this movie as the little film that could...

Shot on a budget of only a few thousand dollars we have had to overcome plenty of hurdles along the way, fortunately though we had a very dedicated group of people working on it and the town of Toowoomba where we shot the film got behind us giving us great locations to use.

This film made it through the trials of the shoot and post production which became a labour of love to see the film complete ... it even survived a flood and made it all the way to Cannes for it's debut screening.

If you want to check it out it will be hitting stores soon or you can order it from the links below.

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A year we won't forget.

2011 is bound to be a year that we won't forget. I'm currently in New Zealand watching news of Christchurch which after months of earthquakes is now covered in snow making recovery even harder for everyone affected down there.

The massacre in Norway however is the real shocker. Norway has a similar population to New Zealand, when the quakes hit we lost about 180 people to that which was a natural disaster, this one man killed about 80 people on his own. I hope that more attention will be given to his victims over the coming weeks, especially the youth could have grown up to be the future leaders of that country.

And finally Amy Winehouse, the latest member of the 27 club. I'll be honest I wasn't a fan until my brother-in-law sat me down one in night Atlanta and showed me clips of her singing at home on youtube. No matter what you think of what she became she definitely had talent, and for any family to lose a daughter so young is heartbreaking.
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In loving memory.

Isitolo, e le galo oe le tama, ia manuia lau malaga i le lagi.
Miss you :(
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Farewell to Cannes

Well the last couple of weeks have been a real whirlwind as I attended the 64th Cannes Film Festival.
Both Tin God and Still Waters screened for the first time during the festival and it was great to finally see them up on the big screen after all that work.
The festival officially wrapped up yesterday but I took the opportunity to head back to Nice and Monaco for for a couple of days after my meetings wrapped up on friday.
There have been some great developments while I've been here and I have met some amazing people so today it's back to Australia and back to work on the next project :)
Stay tuned.
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Loyalty update

 Well I recently completed all my required ADR for my second film with director Jake Reedy and as a reward I got sneak peek at the films opening which looks awesome.

It's really encouraging to know that there are some great hardworking people out there in the Indie film world who understand that though they may not be working with Hollywood budgets there is no reason that you shouldn't do everything you can to show your work to it's full potential.

My next film with Jake, Consequence, instead of shooting now has been pushed back a little to work around scheduling and a couple of other requirements, plus there is awesome new stuff launching soon that we all want to use :)

Tin God which was my first film with Jake is off to Cannes next month where it will be screened for the first time as well as my own directorial debut Still Waters.

Both Tin God and Still Waters have started getting some media
attention recently, both local and international newspapers as
well as TV.

It's is a good reward for everyone who has worked so hard on both films to see them so close now to being fully complete and screened

Can't wait :)

See you in Cannes!
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With the recent devastation in our part if the world it reminds us how important it is to help others in need...we all know the saying, 'There but for the grace of God go I'.

In the last few months we have seen first hand just how many people are willing to lend their time, resources and expertise to assist affected communities. The work put in by people has been amazing.

Last night I meet the owners of Richland's party hire here in Brisbane whose storage facility was two storeys underwater during the floods. They still could not quite comprehend how many people had shown up every day for weeks after the flood to help them clean and repair their business. Almost everyone you meet has the most encouraging and positive stories of what has happened since the floods here.

Sometimes however physical assistance just isn't possible, and charitable donations are essential to helping families and business overcome their challenges. The premieres fund here in Queensland has received massive support...but it shouldn't always take an emergency for us to share our good fortune.

Just after the floods I received a letter from the organisation I have supported for some time. PLAN.

Through PLAN I sponsored a young boy in India, I began after I was cast in my first leading role in a short film in 2006 and in January of this year I received the letter to say that my sponsor child had now completed his schooling and was able to start helping his Mother in supporting the family.

I look forward to sponsoring more in the future, and encourage everyone to give what they can, whether it be through an organisation such as PLAN or by simply helping those in need around you.
PLAN is launching initiatives in Japan to support earthquake victims.

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Japan quake

2011 is getting off to a bad start for most of the Pacific region. Have been worried about friends and family in the islands and hoping they are alright. So sad to see the devastation in Japan right now.

Recently worked with a guy whose family had lived in the area of Samoa affected by the tsunami there a while back, same area my Aunty and I used to visit every week doing her deliveries, so I really feel for all those affected. The damage in a heavily populated area like Japan is gonna be horrendous.

Good to see all the people who have helped out with all these disasters and hope the Japanese know our thoughts are with them all.
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As Loyalty and Tin God near completion we are now in pre production on director Jake Reedy's third film Consequence.....and of course for me this means one thing. I will pretty much be spending the next month in the gym.

Part of working with Jake means he creates the look of his characters early on. For Tin God the role meant a serious haircut, my physique at the time was pretty close, though a few weeks away from the gym actually helped with a more natural look. 

 Loyalty however was a  complete transformation, as I leaned down to 79kg for the role of Miller with the bleach blonde hair.

This next outing 'Consequence' means I have been bulking up to over 90kg with just over a month to go the next few weeks will be spent refining the lots of steak and egg whites and plenty of lifting heavy things.
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Christchurch Quakes

Like most kids in New Zealand I used to watch saturday morning TV live from Christchurch every week. Images of Cathedral square and the river Avon were constants, so it is hard to fathom now how much has been destroyed by this last quake.
My thoughts go out to everyone affected and I am hoping that my friends there are safe.

Christchurch, New Zealands Garden City as it is known is the city depicted in Peter Jacksons 'Heavenly Creatures' that featured Kate Winslett and Melanie Lynskey, it is also the city where 'Amazing Race' host Phil Keoghan was born.

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